DIY Glitter Toes

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Where I live, it's finally gotten to be summer weather - and we all know what that means... you'll be wearing flip flops and you need to make sure your toes look their best!! Pedicures can get expensive, so I have come up with a way to do glitter toes YOURSELF! And for cheap - which I think is the best part! I talked my sister and her friends to let me try it out on them and we had so much fun!

Want to know how to do it? All you need is nail polish and craft glitter. Yep, that's ALL. You can use any color of polish, or even clear. I recommend using a thicker topcoat if using clear, but regular clear nail polish works great, too.

First, place foot on a paper plate or cardstock. Paint the big toe with nail polish. Paint it on kind of thick.
Pour glitter on big toe and let sit. Paint the rest of the toes while the glitter sits on the big toe.
Pour glitter over the rest of the toes. Let sit for a couple of minutes then tap toes to get most of the glitter off. Making sure to wait long enough so the paint is dry, I recommend using a makeup brush to brush the rest of the glitter off your foot and toes. Pour glitter on plate or cardstock back into the container to use again another time!
Wait a few more minutes and then cover nails with a clear topcoat polish. Then you're done!
If using clear polish as a base instead of color, you can keep layering the polish & glitter to cover the nail (polish, glitter, polish, glitter, polish). You can add more layers if using colored polish as your base, too, just add glitter over topcoat and repeat the process. Just make sure to end with topcoat to seal glitter.
The paint should last a few weeks, depending on your quality of polish. The possibilities are endless!!